Our trip to Cap-Haitian can only be explained as one of providence. From our start at the bus station to the final moments coming into the driveway at Cross to Light and everywhere in between!

* we were put on stand-by at the bus station with no guarantee that all 6 of us would be able to travel. It was an all or none attitude. At the last moment before departure, there were only 6 seats available and we were able to go!

* think of the bumpiest airplane landing and intense roller coaster ride going through hairpin turns through steep mountains terrain, often driving on the wrong side of road with Mack trucks coming at us head on and passing vehicles on narrow dirt roads, and that pretty much explains our bus ride! We made it without incident, whiplash or vomiting and made it in to Cap-Haitian an hour and half ahead of schedule. The ride was worth it to spend time with Pastor Leo!

* the Lord covered us in the vehicle Pastor Leo borrowed. It had more things majorly wrong with it than right. Almost all the lug nuts were gone, a significant transmission fluid and oil leak, an idle issue that wouldn’t keep the engine running and headlights that remained off more than on. Even Kip our miracle worker was challenged by this vehicle. Yet he was able to do some band-aid fixes that got us from point A to point B in one peice!

* we had a great facility to stay at on the outskirts of town by the ocean. It was amazing to look at the beauty of the ocean. Off the beaten track and tucked in at the end of a dirt road, it worked to our advantage as this place was cheaper than the ones in downtown. Thankfully, the Lord met us through study, fellowship and praise & worship time. A respite of sorts that we were able to bless Pastor Brian and his wife with as Cross to Light heads into a busy season of missionary visits.

* our bus ride back, while it was much longer, was much more relaxing without the crazy driver we had on the day previous. It gave us time to examine the incredible scenery, culture and lifestyle of the Haitian people in more remote areas.

* again the Lord’s providence was evident in our ride back to the compound. Just as we pulled into the driveway, we had a major leak in the tire that flattened it in no time. We unloaded and pulled out backpacks just as another nightly deluge started. Everyone and everything in the back of the pickup would have gotten drenched if that tire had gone flat while in the rain, we would have really been in trouble but God spared us!

While we traveled back to Port-au-Prince during a magnificent sunset I was reflecting on a high point of the day. Electricity is not common beyond the big city, so I was stuck by the sunset shining through a house window that outlined 5 people. The hustle and bustle of Haiti appears to come to a stop when darkness takes over. I couldn’t help thinking about this picture showing the importance of having His light shining through us, so we can be exposed to His love and purpose; keeping us out of the darkness. Please pray that we, and all people coming to Haiti, can continue to be His light, love and hope in this dark land.

With grateful hearts,

Kip, Melisa and Beth