Sending the Gospel Forward


Cross to Light has been organized to help people cross from darkness to light by hearing the gospel message. We are a ministry fully committed and dedicated to sending the gospel of Jesus Christ forward by the power of His might.


Cross to Light is a non-denominational Christian 501c3 organization that provides discipleship, biblical teaching, and training since 2005. Our mission statement is “sending the gospel forward.” We teach biblical principles, discipleship, and leadership education through our various operations and provide mission trip experiences. We extend emergency relief to people in need with food, water, clothing, and medical assistance, all free of charge.


Cross to Light delivers biblical education and leadership training. We encourage the local church with event and outreach support and mobilize and facilitate teams for mission trips. We endeavor to encourage church growth, strength, and vibrant health through these local and International advanced training experiences.

Haiti Bible Training Center: The Haiti Bible Training Center is used to bring in young men from different provinces of Haiti to build them up in the Word of God, teaching them through the bible to send them back out to plant churches to provide bible teaching discipleship. The core purpose of each church is to disciple and teach the Word of God to the community.  At the church community centers, in addition to the bible teaching and discipleship, we endeavor to install water solutions, provide medical supplies and assistance and distribute relief aid – all free of cost to the Haitian people.

The Missionary Training Center (MTC) is the Cross to Light campus that accommodates volunteer teams, constructs support projects, and conducts conference events and special training workshops. Outreach events such as VBS, orphanage visits, prison outreach, soccer events, water projects, and medical day clinics are all conducted on this campus. The MTC also serves as a base for emergency relief imported and prepared for distribution.

Emergency Relief: Cross to Light imports and distributes emergency relief to Haiti. Emergency relief includes food, water, clothing, medical and dental assistance. Our distribution center is in Port au Prince, with 11 community centers throughout Haiti. Each community center receives emergency supplies and distributes them to those most in need in each community.

Cross to Light’s goal is to import at least 98,000 pounds of emergency food supplies each year. Eight community centers are equipped with a sizeable commercial-sized bread brick oven. The supply of wheat and oil to make bread for the community is provided. Approximately 8,800 people are given emergency relief food each week throughout Haiti.

Support Israel Bible Tour: This annual bible tour hosted by Cross to Light brings a group to tour and serve in Israel. The tour group helps the people of Israel by serving at soup kitchens, food pantries, homeless park outreaches, and helping the holocaust survivors.