haiti soccer outreachTisha and Jim brought their two boys with them on their Haiti mission trip.  They were very excited and a little nervous about bringing their boys to a third world country. As a homeschooling mom, Trisha really wanted to have their boys get the type of learning you don’t get from a textbook. They regularly help out in an LA soup kitchen once a week, so their boys had some experience dealing with outreach to the less fortunate. However, the Haiti mission trip was a whole new level and the boys did great!

The boys saved up for two years and purchased their own tickets.  In doing so, they were very interested in the trip and learned how to save for something big for God.  Every time they got paid for chores or a job they would put a portion of the amount in a “Haiti Mission Trip” envelope. This taught them the important lesson of working and saving toward an important goal.

Before the trip, they decided they wanted to bless the kids of Haiti with soccer equipment as soccer is very popular in Haiti and the kids are extremely appreciative when they get equipment.  Trisha’s boys were responsible for bringing all the soccer gear and equipment for 30 kids in the Bible Training Center community. They asked friends to donate used soccer equipment in preparation for the trip.  They were really surprised and blessed at the tremendous response as their garage was quickly filled with soccer donations within two days after only two email invitations.  They were extremely touched that people were so quick to help and donate their used and unused sport equipment.  The kids in Haiti were thrilled to be blessed by God with the gift of play by this family and their friends – something of which they don’t get to enjoy very much.