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The Lord has opened an effective door in Haiti.  The people are coming to an authentic knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and as a result, the nation is experiencing a Spiritual healing.  We believe a physical healing is soon to follow.  We are privileged to be able to serve the people of Haiti in Jesus Name in this Spiritual and physical healing.

Our core function in Haiti is to bring in young leaders from different provinces of Haiti in order to build them up in the Word of God, taking them through the bible over the course of a year and send them back out to plant churches in order to provide bible teaching and discipleship throughout the entire country.  This is where the Spiritual healing is flowing out of.

Each church plant is a community center where assistance to the poor, homeless, widows and orphans of Haiti are given relief aid.  At the church facilities, in addition to the bible teaching and discipleship we dig deep clean water wells, provide medical supplies and assistance and distribute relief aid – all free of cost to the Haitian people.

You Can Help




Jesus said to, “Go into all the earth and preach the gospel…” We invite you to come on out for a week to serve with the skills and gifting the Lord has given you.  Whether you want to put on a VBS for the kids, evangelize in the tent cities, pass out food and clothing, help with a soccer or medical outreach, help with construction or just be flexible with how the Lord wants to use you – you are invited to come out!

Get Started



If you are a bible teaching Pastor or teacher, we invite you to come out to the Haiti Bible Training Center to take the students through a book of the bible over the course of a week.  If that describes you – pray about coming out for a week.  Let us know what week you prefer and we’ll help you  get started >





is an action.  Come out for a week, pray over this ministry, support it financially, sponsor a missionary to come out or adopt a project. However the Lord is leading you to get involved we would like to help you  get started .  This work is not ours, it’s the Lord’s and He is using many parts of the body of Christ in this together.  Thank you for joining with us!