Jesus said, “Go into all the earth and preach the gospel…” Your invited to go on a one week life changing mission trip!  Use the skills and giftings God has given you to help others. There are plenty of outreach activities; VBS for children, mobile medical clinic event, evangelizing, prison outreach, food and clothing distribution, soccer outreach and construction projects.


Pray about how God wants you to help.  Our ministry is dependent upon your prayer support. Please keep us in your prayers. Sign up for the newsletter to receive updates for you to lift up in prayer. Prayer support is a vital part of being able to continue sending the gospel forward!


Your charitable contributions help our ministry operate as we teach biblical principles and help build church community centers that extend relief to people in need with food, water, clothing and medical assistance – all free of charge. Your donation is a critical part of providing biblical education and assistance.

Haiti Bible Training Center and Emergency Relief

Through the operation of the Haiti Bible Training Center and extended campus, our core function in Haiti is to bring in young leaders from different provinces of Haiti to build them up in the Word of God, taking them through the bible over two years and send them back out to plant churches to provide bible teaching discipleship and community relief throughout the entire country. Each church plant is a community center where the poor, homeless, widows, and orphans of Haiti are given relief aid. In addition to the bible teaching and discipleship at the church facilities, we dig deep water wells, provide medical supplies and assistance, and distribute relief aid – all free of cost to the Haitian people.

The Missionary Training Center is the Cross to Light campus that safely accommodates volunteer teams, constructs support projects and conducts conference events and special training workshops. Outreach events such as water drilling, medical day clinics, soccer events, orphanage visits, and prison outreach are all conducted on this campus.

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Haiti Ministry Emergency Relief

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Prison Outbreak

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