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Founding Story

Helping people cross from darkness to light.

Before its inception there were several events that inspired this ministry. Beginning in 2000 there was a youth outreach ministry at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa called Worship Generation led by Pastor Joey Buran. Co-founding members all served together on the ministry team. Another ministry that was concurrent to Worship Generation was a small Friday night evangelism class called Soul Winners led by Pastor Joey Rosak. These same team members that served Worship Generation also participated in this class for several seasons. After being equipped with evangelism training the class would venture out to various locations to share the good news. From this street witnessing outreach many people came to the Lord. This founders group also met together weekly to go through pastor Jon Courson’s audio bible studies and launched a Wednesday picnic tables prayer meeting at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.  The last study completed before founding Cross to Light was the book of Hebrews from which the group got their nickname, “the Hebrews group”.

A third ministry that was growing at this same time; from 2000 to 2005 was a new church called Living Water Christian Fellowship led by Pastor John Mendoza. Living Water had a bible study radio broadcast for Southern California. Brian McDaniel was asked one week to provide the message for the radio broadcast. He went on air – delivering his first syndicated gospel message to millions of KKLA listeners. They were invited to call in to receive Christ as their personal Savior. A group of prayer counselors were thrilled to receive a great response – thus affirming the Lord’s leading of the need for a gospel message ministry.

The soon to be called “Cross to Light” group prayed fervently and by God’s grace secured the support to start airing a gospel message weekly on KKLA. Cross to Light was up and running!

The next challenge was to decide on a name. Everyone started thinking and praying. One of the founding members was looking at a picture of a sunset over the ocean’s water as he was listening to Brian McDaniel’s first gospel message radio broadcast. When he heard the scripture from Revelation 4:1 “I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven”, amazingly he noticed a door on top of the sunset with it’s reflection on the water together formed a golden cross. That door reminded him of Jesus Christ.  As you look closely at the sunset’s reflection, you can visualize a golden path or bridge which resembles a cross made of light. And that’s our goal, to help lead people to the light of Jesus Christ, our Door to heaven, and He will take us from darkness to light. And Lord gave us the name Cross to Light.  And the bible says when we get to Heaven we shall walk on streets of gold and shall be lit by the light of Christ.

A clear focus.

Cross to Light’s core function is to “send the gospel forward.”  This is accomplished through discipleship, training, events, distribution, media and church planting efforts.

Over the years Cross to Light has reached millions of listeners, distributed thousands of free gospel message CD’s and bibles, conducted many short term evangelistic mission trips all over the world and as a result and fruit of bible teaching have been privileged to help serve and provide for orphans, widows and the needy.

Cross to Light has a support Israel division by which we bring awareness and opportunity to people to help support Israel. The bible says to “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. They shall be blessed who love thee (Israel)”.

Most recently, Cross to Light established the Haiti Bible Training Center in Port au Prince, Haiti in March of 2011. The Haiti Bible Training Center is a biblical training ground for young Haitian men desiring to become pastors. Select young men from the various provinces of Haiti are taken through the two-year program.  They spend numerous hours studying God’s Word verse by verse being taught by visiting pastors and bible teachers from bible teaching churches that are mostly from the United States. Students become equipped for the life of a pastor in order to be sent back out to their native land as ambassadors of Christ, making disciples and serving the people of Haiti.

We thank the Lord Jesus and praise Him for what He is doing and are excited to see what He is going to do next.

Thank you Jesus!
From the Cross to Light founders group.