Supporting Israel at the Gate

This is the gate to the Missionary Training Center that is under construction.  The Haiti Bible Training Center primary function is base camp for the ministry.  The students live there.  Teachers and Pastors come in for a week to teach the students through the bible there.  The teaching goes on there.  And for now, the mission teams come in and stay there.  We needed a place to accommodate more mission teams and a way to decrease distraction for when teaching is going on.  So, the Lord provided the means for us to purchase a lot to build a Missionary Training Center.  This is where mission teams will come in and stay.  Select Haitian families will live there in order to be disciplined and taught through the bible for a year.  They will help maintain the grounds and in so doing will learn how to keep a garden, maintain the talafia fish tanks, keep chickens happy and be good stewards over what God has provided.  The mission teams that come in will help train the families and will have a base camp