Port au Prince, Haiti –

This is Pastor Brian. I’m coming at you from Calvary Chapel Old Path here in Cyprus. I wanted to let you guys know what’s going on on the island of Haiti. Many of you might have heard about what’s going on in the news. Some news is covering it, some not. But it’s a critical moment now in Haiti.

Almost over a year ago, the president was assassinated. Since then, there’s been no real leadership, no government to take over. Right there’s no gasoline. Think about this. There’s no gasoline. There’s very little food and very little water. They use gasoline to bring food in from different areas.

One of the places they bring it in is from the port. Well, the port has been taken over by gangs. There is no more access to food coming into the ports. The other food supply entry is a road from the Dominican Republic. Gangs have taken over that place. That’s where the 17 missionaries were kidnaped.

The capital of Haiti has been seized. There’s no food. There used to be vendors selling stuff on the streets. Now there’s no one on the streets. The price of food went from $22 a bag of rice. Now to $80 a bag. The water has cholera in Haiti.

They have reverse osmosis factories downtown that brings water to distribution points. Because of no gas, there is no water at the distribution point. So there’s been a cholera outbreak. People are drinking bad water and gangs have taken over large parts of the city. I’m telling everybody to pray over the next few weeks.

Let’s pray because Haiti needs a miracle. There are some countries that have offered financial support to the police. The police are willing to fight, but they don’t have guns and they don’t have equipment. Let’s just pray that God somehow does a miracle over the next couple of weeks so the people of Haiti can get relief if they leave their houses.

Gangs are slaughtering women and children on the streets with gunfire. Just last night we had one of our pastors have to flee his church with their family. His little brother was shot in the head, but luckily it was a bullet graze. It wasn’t serious. Now they’re at Cross to Light.

I’m bringing this to your attention because it says men ought to always pray and not lose heart.

We know God’s going to be faithful. We know He’s going to pull through. We’re going to be sending out updates and just pray because now is the time. Haiti needs your help. The Bible Training Center is doing amazing. They just had a pastor fly in over this last couple of weeks and teach through the Book of Isaiah.

We have another full-time missionary there. The school is doing great, but we need peace and safety. I know God will answer us as we call upon him in our day of trouble, He said. He will answer us and show us great and awesome things that we do not know. Thanks. Please remember to pray In Jesus name. Amen.