One of our church plants is in Caradet that we sometimes call the Church on the Hill.

This church has proven to be a training ground for our students.  It is a very difficult place to be.  The area is extremely depressed and there is a lot of Spiritual warfare that goes on.  This is perfect for training up our Pastors.  They learn so many Pastoral lessons.

The congregation is very transient and there are typically about 50 people that attend a church service.  Visiting Pastors can also give a message with a translator.  The people here are just beginning to understand the positive effects of the Word of God.  Some of them have bibles with their names on it.  They are looking up verses as the teaching is given.  These new believers are receiving the Word of God and growing.

We have just completed a cistern that was built right next to the church.  Now when it rains the water will run off of the church structure and into the cistern.  This will collect water for the people to use.  Up until now they have just had one pump for an entire tent city that sometimes breaks.  The Lord is blessing these people Spiritually and physically.