Here is a story of a sweet little boy named Jameson.  A couple of the students, Ld and I were walking back to cross to light and these two boys were sitting outside their home.  Their neighbor told the students one of them was very sick.  We decided to take him back to the BTC and took care of him everyday for 3 1/2 weeks. He’s anemic, had a 102.4 fever and was very malnurished. He has a brother, and a sister.  His mom left them and his father was an alcoholic. After much prayer, Pastor Brian drove Jameson and his father to the hospital where they gave him oxygen, food, and blood. He’s doing so much better now! While Ld and I were still in Haiti, their father came to a church service on one of the Sundays. Jameson is such a blessing and behind the illness, he is such an adorable happy child. 🙂