Miracle Stories – Motorcycle Miracle

Junior had been praying for a motorcycle for a long time. As a pastor in Bombardopolis, he was always coordinating people and supplies for church services, and having no transportation made it difficult. He often thought about all the time he could save if he could get around better. A more significant consideration was having the ability to help in an emergency. The pastor is often the go-to person in a crisis. He knew everyone in his community. He’s one of the first they go to whenever someone is sick, injured, or dying.

He called pastor Brian and said he was praying for a motorcycle. Brian got excited and shared the need with some people who were Cross to Light supporters. Shortly after that, the funds were raised to get the motorcycle for Junior.

Junior was so excited. It had felt like a need that he had had for so long. Now it was finally being met. He praised God and was so thankful. This transportation improvement helped him serve the people at his church and town much better.

A year later, he made a much different call to Brian. This time it was to share some bad news. His motorcycle had been stolen. He didn’t know what to do. He thought that maybe Brian would rally some new support and produce a replacement. Brian’s response was a surprise and disappointing. “We’ll have to trust God on this one, Junior. Let’s pray and see what He does.”

He hung up the phone without an immediate solution. Being a pastor had taught him to pray for everything. Somehow this seemed like a difficulty he couldn’t fix. He wasn’t even exactly sure if God would fix it, either.

The next day he went out to find the police and submit a report for the stolen motorcycle. He found a police officer in the town street. The policeman was filling out the theft report as they stood together. Just then, Junior noticed a man drive by on his motorcycle and stop not too far down the road. He told the police officer that that was his bike! “Are you sure?” the officer asked him. “Yes, I’m sure! I know my bike, and that’s it!” The police started walking toward the man on the bike. The man saw the police and ran away, leaving the bike behind.

Junior and the police officer verified it was Junior’s bike. God had come through once again in an unexpected way. Junior was amazed and thankful. What are the odds of filling out a theft report only to have the thief bring the bike a few yards away?

God has never-ending ways that He comes through. So often, we try to figure out how to fix our problems in our strength. He wants us to “give our cares to Him because He cares about us.”

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.