We went to a local hospital to pray for the patients there. The first thing that happened was that the security guard said they don’t normally let people in unless they have id which none of us had on us. By the grace of God he let us go in. We had to divide into four groups and each group took about five minutes to pray for the patients there. When it got down to the last two groups, that I was in, a man asked both groups if we could come pray for this very sick man. We never really found out what was wrong with the man, but he was in the ICU and looked extremely sick. He was very sweaty, so he must of had a high fever, and he seemed pretty out of it. When we were in there, they had one of the other missionaries pray in English, then a student prayed in Creole. After they both prayed, we all stayed pretty quiet in prayer and then one of the ladies there, who seemed like she was related to the man, started to sing a song in Creole that we all knew. As we were singing and some people were praying, you could really feel the presence of God in the room. At one point the machine started acting up, and the man started to breath faster and moaning. I didn’t really know if it was a good thing or a bad thing but in all honesty I thought the man was going to die right in front of us. We kept singing and praying for at least 10 minutes, and as we were about to finish, the machine went back to normal and the man calmed down. As we all walked out of that room saddened to see such a sick man, I realized that God was in that room, comforting his family and watching over him. This event made me realize that there is SO MUCH power in prayer. I always knew that prayer was a powerful thing, but seeing the calming, saving effects of prayer impact reality assured me that prayer is extremely powerful.