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Haiti Water

Cross to Light endeavors to drill deep clean water wells at each of the church plants in operation in Haiti. Our Clean Water program includes every aspect involved in equipping the church with a sustainable water system. Our goal is to install a water drainage and collection system, cistern, solar pump and drill a deep clean water well at each church community center.

Clean water in Haiti is vital to reducing disease, improving health and reducing the early death rate that is often due to not being able to get clean drinking water as disease prevention and during illness. Cross to Light has an expert water drilling team that is experienced with the drilling conditions and requirements in Haiti. We include durable sustainable equipment into every aspect of the water solutions that we install to extend the life of the water solution for as long as possible.

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Haiti Campus

Support MTC Kitchen Phase 1 Kick-off (Before) MTC Kitchen Phase 1 Completion (After) Campus Purpose The Haiti Campus is a conference center and mission team hub. It's primary purpose is to strengthen the Haiti churches with Pastoral conferences and workshop events. Additional events include women's conferences and topical bible workshops for apologetics, evangelism, end time prophecy and the like. The campus accomodates [...]

Hurricane Irma

Cap-Haitian, Haiti - Thursday - Storm Report [slideshow_deploy id='14737']Early Thursday evening Hurricane Irma reached the Northern tip of Haiti with high winds.  Pastor Leo reported high winds and heavy rain that caused some house tops to fly off.  Bridges were blown out and flooding put several communities under water.  The church is responding to the most urgent needs of the local community. Hurricane Irma sideswiped the Northern portion of Haiti Thursday leaving behind massive flooding and structure repair [...]

BTC Water

Thanks to a team from Cornerstone Calvary Chapel in New Jersey, the Haiti Bible Training Center has a new water filtration system. This water tank system gets filled with clean water and is then double filtered, providing the students and teams at the BTC with an abundance of fresh, clean drinking water.  In addition, every time the water tank is filled, the extra water ordered that doesn't fit in the tank is given to the neighbors living in the nearby [...]