I come from a background of drugs and alcohol. I came to the lord 12 years sober in AA. In AA you can do whatever you want and have whatever god you want as long as you don’t drink or use. At 12 years sober my girlfriend and 6 month old daughter had moved out on me. I guess you could say that I went to church this particular time to get back into the big bedroom. I went to Morningstar Christian out in Whittier(a cc outreach). I heard Jack Abelene preaching John 14:6. I approached Pastor Jack afterward and told him that I liked his message but wasn’t that “Only one way stuff a little narrow minded?” He responded to me “Well, that’s what Jesus said. But let me ask you, what are your wages?” I said “Huh?” “For your sins?, What are the wages for your sins?” I was left speechless. He stood for a second while I fumbled for an answer. Then said to me “You need to read” someone called him and he turned away. I thought to myself ” I’ll never come back here this guy made a fool out of me!” later, when I got home. I picked up a bible that someone had happened to give me and thought “I’ll show him, I’ll read.” so, I started reading, I read Mathew, Mark, halfway through Luke it struck me: Jesus is God is Holy Spirit. I had some idea of Jesus, some fish, walking on water, but that was about it. The Holy Spirit struck me and just sucked me into the bible. for the next week I did nothing but read the new testament. I finished it by the next Sunday. I was once again at Morningstar. I approached Pastor Jack and said “Jesus is Lord, and I want him as Lord of my life. Pastor Jack led me in the sinners prayer. That was a little over 3 1/2 years ago. Since submitting my life to Jesus Christ my entire life has changed. I now am living in Tijuana, working with the street kids. Most importantly, coming from a works oriented background, I’ve discovered the grace of God which has truly changed everything.