Water Video

Cross to Light Water Project

Cross to Light endeavors to drill deep clean water wells at each of the church plants in operation in Haiti. Our Clean Water program includes every aspect involved in equipping the church with a sustainable water system. Our goal is to install a water drainage and collection system, cistern, solar pump and drill a deep clean water well at each church community center.

Clean water in Haiti is vital to reducing disease, improving health and reducing the early death rate that is often due to not being able to get clean drinking water as disease prevention and during illness. Cross to Light has an expert water drilling team that is experienced with the drilling conditions and requirements in Haiti. We include durable sustainable equipment into every aspect of the water solutions that we install to extend the life of the water solution for as long as possible.

Fundraiser in Progress

Cross to Light has successfully drilled 3 deep clean water wells in Haiti. There are 7 more church community center locations approved and in line for a water system solution.

Water drilling well projects include;

  • Community sized cistern
  • Rain water drainage and collection system
  • Automated solar water well pump
  • Deep clean water well
  • Spigot system available to church and community

3 Wells Done, 4 Water Collection Solutions Installed