Water for Haiti Delivered

Cross to Light delivers trucks of water for Haiti to Onaville. Four previous attempts at drilling for water came up dry. Other organizations have attempted the same with no success. This area is especially dry and barren. Situated just north east of Port au Prince, Haiti’s capitol it has little underground aquifers to tap into.

Water for the Community

As a response to the extreme difficulty to getting water to the community, supporters of Cross to Light have come through in a big way. Their donations help fund water for this area. Donors have committed to help supply funds to have water trucked in on a regular basis. Cross to Light helped build a giant cistern for the church in Onaville. Pastor Fednel is extremely grateful to be able to provide water for this community. Painted on the side of the cistern it says, “Water for the Community”.

Bread and Water

Besides suppling water, pastor Fednel delivers bible teaching church services every week. In addition to the bible teaching his team bakes bread and distributes this to the people that attend as well as anyone in need in the community. This church, like all of the other Cross to Light churches provides bible teaching as well as community services. The church serves as an emergency relief distribution hub. Many times in Haiti food and water are extremely difficult to come by. People often go for many days without food and even water at times.

Cross to Light helps import and distribute emergency relief to the church plants. They are in close contact with their communities and know what people in the community are in most need. They deliver aid when available as needed.

Through Cross to Light supporters, our unique distribution and the churches God comes through in big ways. So big in fact that the water cistern at the church can even be seen by a satellite. It’s probably the largest cistern built so far in Haiti. It’s size was needed for a place that wouldn’t give up water from below. Instead, it’s come from above.