20130228-225155.jpgMission Trip Complete – Flying Back Home

The week in Haiti was amazing!  This is the best training you can get on the face of the planet.  Whether you are a Pastor, Pastor in training, missionary or simply someone who wants to get stronger in the Lord, someone who wants to hear His voice, this is the mission trip for you.  God has many places that He pours out His Spirit, and this is one of them.  His presence is so very thick.

It says in Isaiah 55 that the “nations who do not know you (speaking of Israel) shall run to you, because of the Lord your God.”  The nations are running to the HBTC too, not because of a man, or the work of a man, but because the Lord our God is working there.  It’s so like our King to pick one of the poorest places on the planet to pour out His Spirit upon.

This really is a double blessing, because as He is pouring out His Spirit upon these young Haitian men from the different provinces of Haiti, building them up through the bible and then sending them back out to plant churches, He is also stirring up His bride, the church.  As people come in to help for a week, they hear His voice, are strengthened in Him, revived in Him and then go back home to change their home mission field in Jesus name – praise the Lord!  Only the God of heaven and earth could set this up so incredibly.

Brandy Lee