20130222-091920.jpgThe first half of the day is dedicated to the Pastors teaching the students through the bible.

Often times a Pastor will bring a mission team in.  Or a mission team will be there at the same time as a teaching Pastor.  We have plenty for the mission teams to do while the teaching is going on. There is help with the Haiti Bible Training Center grounds that include tending the garden, helping in the kitchen with cleaning and cooking and helping maintain the grounds.

Then, after lunch at about 1pm, the teams and students all go out together for outreach.  There is a ton of outreach opportunity such as; soccer outreaches, helping at the orphanage, street evangelism, children’s feeding program and more.

This morning, some of the team went to the Mission Training Center campus to help with construction, some went to the orphanage to help the disabled kids, a couple ladies sprinkled Cayenne pepper on all the ants all around the BTC (this is a natural way to get rid of ants) while they prayed over the grounds and a couple other ladies worked in the kitchen to scrub cabinets and get it more organized.