Port au Prince, Haiti –

This Really Works!

Evangelism, Discipleship, Church Planting

God bless you guys.
It’s Pastor Brian from the Haiti Bible Training Center.
Just want to give you guys a praise report.

So thankful for your prayers. So thankful for the vision the Lord gave us.

We’re going stronger than ever.

You know, our vision that God gave us was to identify young leaders, and bring them into the Haiti Bible training center, where they stay with us for three years.

We make those young men strong disciples, and then send them out into the highways and byways to start Bible-teaching churches.

God is so faithful.

We just recently had our graduating class of 2022 go out.

There were five guys and they stayed at Cross to Light for three years and they just went out.

It looks like we’ll get two or three church plants from them.

It’s amazing because nine years ago, God gave us this vision to plant these Bible-teaching churches.

Now we have a Bible-teaching church in just about every province in Haiti.

You can walk across the island of Haiti.
It’s very difficult to find Bible-teaching churches.
But by the grace of God, God has given us some of the only Bible-teaching churches in Haiti.

We believe this is what’s going to change Haiti.

God is so amazingly faithful.

We want to thank you, because for every prayer, for every time you think about us and pray for us it helps us to advance the gospel in this place.

Haiti is one of the most difficult places on the planet.

It’s an official voodoo nation. It’s the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

Three weeks ago, the State Department ordered all U.S. citizens out.
85% of all the organizations that started in Haiti are now gone.

I told our guys, hey, we’re going to be doing great. All we got to do is remain faithful. And it’s amazing.

It seems like as people are leaving, we’re getting stronger and stronger
because all we’re doing is making disciples, preaching the gospel
and planting Bible teaching churches in voodoo villages.

I just want to say thank you so much. We’re going to get stronger
and stronger. And and it’s all because of you guys thinking about us and praying about us.

I pray God blesses you and pours back into your church everything that you’ve done for us in Jesus name.