We had an outreach event planned to hand out dresses to little Haitian girls today from 1pm to 3pm due to the organization that we were coordinating with. On our way to meeting the ladies that have provided the dresses we had some Spiritual warfare to plow through. We all started to pray. After a delayed flight and a flat tire we finally were able to meet with the ladies, get the dresses and head off to the distribution location in one of the tent cities. It started to rain. We kept praying. Finally the rain let up and we were able to give all these beautiful babies and girls the hand made dresses. The ladies would hand them out, kiss them and pray over them and send them out. The crowd began to get big and boisterous so the ladies had to retreat into a hospital. The whole crowd was quieted and we preached the gospel and many people received Christ. The ladies came back out and headed back. The crowd dispersed quietly. The ladies were so overwhelmed with the blessing.