October 2019, Haiti Update –

In spite of the continued unrest from a food and fuel shortage, a mission team along with the Haiti Bible Training Center students and Pastor Brian McDaniel were able to complete a church project. Pastor Dovic from Dumay, a suburb of Port au Prince, needed to move the original church building that was previously used over to the new church property. He will be using it for the children’s ministry at his growing church. In addition to the main church building that is currently used for all church activities, the newly reconstructed building will be used to run the children’s ministry, teaching the children through the bible just as the adults do in the main church building.

Pastor Brian along with veteran mission team lead, James Flores, came by faith with a team to move the structure. They were warned not to come in due to possible riots and unrest in the streets. They prayed and decided to come anyway. The Haiti Cross to Light team was able to transport everyone safely and avoid major complications. The team moved by faith, God was faithful and the project was completed.

Another major praise report is that in the midst of most people not having access to fuel, food or water, the water trucking company was able to make it through the crowds of rioters up to the Bible Training Center to refill the water tank. The BTC shares water with the neighbors whenever possible and was able to do just that. The neighbors had been with extremely low sources of water for weeks and were abundantly thankful for the refreshing flow of water that is shared with them.

Praise God that in the midst of these trials God came through once again!

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