God bless you. This is Pastor Brian McDaniel from the Haiti Bible Training Center. And I just want to take a couple minutes to address the topic of spiritual warfare. I want to look at a couple passages and hopefully you can get encouraged as maybe you’re in the middle of something and you don’t know what’s going on. Maybe you feel like you’re all alone.

In 2 Kings Chapter 6 the King of Asyria is serious about making war against Israel. He had a plan. What he’s going to do is a sneak attack on the children of God, the children of Israel. And as they are starting this sneak attack the children of Israel knew when they were coming.

And so the Asyrian’s regrouped and they tried it again. And so the king did another sneak attack on the children of Israel to try to catch them off guard. And as they did that the children of Israel again knew they were coming. So the king of Asyria got his army together and he said, “Listen, one of you guys are a spy. Twice we had a secret plan to attack the children of Israel and both times they knew we were coming. One of you guys here are a spy.” Somebody raised their hand and said, “Sir it’s not us. There’s not a spy here but it’s this guy that’s in the camp of the children of Israel. And his name is Elijah and Elijah is so close to God that he knows the thoughts that you have even in your bedroom.”

So the king is serious and said, “OK that’s it. We gotta go get this guy named Elijah.” At that time Elijah was in a little city called Dothan and he was there with his servant and early in the morning the servant woke up and as he woke up he looked around them and all of Dothan was surrounded by this mighty Asyrian army. And so the servant woke up Elijah and he says, “Elijah, Elijah look what’s happening!” And Elijah, this mighty man of God, this prophet, looks at the army. He looked around and then he prayed and he said, “Lord I pray that you will open my servants eyes so he can see what is really going on.” And the Lord open the servants eyes and behind the Asyrian army was horses and chariots of fire all around. And Elijah told the servant. He said “There’s more with us than there’s with them.”

So listen, I just want you to know if you think maybe you’re going through something, that your experiencing warfare and the enemy has come in like a flood. Just know that the Spirit of God will raise up a standard and no weapon ever formed against you will prosper. It just won’t. I want you to be encouraged because there is more with the Lord, the Lord of hosts than we know. He camps around those who fear Him. The Lord says He blesses the righteous. His favor surrounds them. Have courage. If God is for you who can be against you. Amen.