Haiti Mission TripI can not even begin to do justice with trying to fully and accurately describe to you how amazing my time in Haiti was. It is the first trip I have ever done completely solo. No friends, no family, just myself with a group of total strangers in an entirely different country. God was so faithful in keeping my heart calm and answering every one of my prayers. My roommates were absolutely fantastic and the people of Haiti were so welcoming, warm and friendly. I was humbled, convicted, continuously in awe, and all around completely blessed during my stay. I learned a lot on this adventure: how to have real patience, how to genuinely love another person, what a hard days work REALLY looks like, what it means to have compassion for others, how to step out in complete faith, and how to really and truly live your life for Christ. A lot of memories were made, a lot of laughs were shared and a lot of friendships were formed. Although my heart is nowhere near ready to leave Haiti I know that there is a lot of love to be shared back home until I can return. I absolutely fell in love with this country and even more in love with all the people that live there. Plans are already in the works for a smaller group of us “crazy Haiti ladies” to return a few months from now. We have already begun the plans to get some necessities out here and I am so excited to see how God is going to work through us to make these visions a reality. Until then my heart will remain here in this beautiful country with the people that have touched my life in ways that are completely indescribable.

-Brittney Becker
January 2014 Harvest Christian Fellowship Mission Team Member