Top 3 Secrets to an Incredible Today

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God does not promise tomorrow. It is so easy to become entitled to tomorrow.  It seems like a given that there will be a tomorrow.  However, the statistics prove otherwise.  1 out of 1 people die. In fact, if you live in the United States you are listed as number 43 in the list of countries with the longest average lifespan, coming in at a meager 79.

There is a simple formula for success and it lies in this verse.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

Secret to Today No. 1 – Focus on today.

Treat it like the gift from God that it is and you will live every day to it’s fullest potential – or at least close.

Long distance runners know this secret.  If they feel fatigued it’s usually because they are calculating how much longer they have to run.  As soon as they switch their mental state to focusing on just the next step, enjoying each moment and settling into its rhythm, the running is no longer a labor but it becomes invigorating, comforting and completely fulfilling.  They forget about the distance that lies ahead.  The focus is on just the next step – every step of the way.

God never intended for us to be weighed down with the distance ahead but instead to lean into Him to be excellent today.  That way, tomorrow really will “take care of itself”.

Secret to Today No. 2 – Book a meeting with the CEO of the Universe.

If you worked for a large corporation it would be amazing to be able to have a meeting with the CEO even once.  If you were an executive officer then that meeting might take place weekly.  In a meeting with the CEO you should expect to receive a lot of information to enable you to be effective and help guide the corporation in the right direction. Most likely the CEO would not care so much about your personal life and they certainly wouldn’t take up a lot of company time fine tuning the nuances of your inner psyche.

Not so with the most qualified, successful, strong, smart and wise CEO in all of history.  Jesus Christ, Who is the mediator between God and man, is the CEO of the planet and the Universe. He just so happens to have an opening for you to meet with Him at any time.  Preferably at the beginning of your day so as to be led up the right path in order to be extremely effective with the day you have been entrusted with.  In addition, He cares a great deal about your thoughts, what you care about, the condition of your heart, all of your relationships, what you are struggling with and your dreams.  He holds time in His hands, so He has all the time in the world for you.

Book your appointment with Him, early in the morning and see how amazing your day will be.

Secret to Today No. 3 – You can time travel.

I know what you are thinking.  Impossible.  I wish.  That would be really cool.

You can and you do time travel.  It is a proven fact that our brain waves travel.  Whether verbalized or not our thoughts emit from us constantly.  When we think back in time we are time traveling.  When we are worrying over the future, we are time traveling.  Be careful how you time travel.  There is nothing you can do about the past.  It is locked and the key has been thrown away.  No matter how many times you think something over from the past or wish it had played out differently, it won’t, ever. Kiss your past good-bye.  Especially if it includes events that are negative or should be forgiven.

The future is slightly different.  You can dream, plan and strategize.  You can pray over future events for God’s wisdom, knowledge, guidance and help. Time travel with your thoughts to the future can be constructive to a point. The bible sheds some light on this in Proverbs 16;

A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.

It can be very beneficial to plan and be directed in a constructive way that doesn’t consume today.  Be careful not to sacrifice today on the alter of tomorrow. If instead of planning and seeking God’s council you are worrying over tomorrow, stop immediately.  That is destructive and will rip you off of today’s joy and fulfillment.

Invest your time and energy in today, give today all you have and leave your tomorrow at the feet of Jesus.