Why the Cubs Winning the World Series is so Important

The Cubs have just won the World Series since their last win – 108 years ago.  Whether you are a new cubs fan or one that has been hoping for a win your entire life – this is an amazing success story.  Words like tenacity, endurance, hope and perseverance mark what it took to get this win.  As an underdog this accomplishment comes in spite of naysayers, condemers, bully’s, pessimists and people that do not have faith of success.  I’m sure many of us can relate.  Almost everyone has had to push through obstacles like this in order to win the victory.

Maybe your facing such opposition right now.  Do you feel like your just not sure if you can push through the trial or tribulation, the obstacle or predicament that you find yourself in?  It might be helpful to know that God understands the mountains you face, and He wants you to overcome.  God penned some real life examples for us in the bible as a reminder of His intend for our victory;

1. Gideon.  Gideon was hiding in a wine vat threshing his wheat because he was too afraid to do it out in the open where it is usually necessary to thresh.  The enemy had come in and was taking everyone’s harvest and so he was in hiding.  God came in and gave him the assignment of a lifetime; take down the enemy and bring back peace for everyone.  Wow.  He was doubtful, wanted multiple signs of confirmation, but finally went to it – and got the victory.

2. David.  David was the least important in his family.  He was out tending the sheep, a job position not well looked upon by society.  God identified him as being a “man after My own heart”.  The prophet came with the officiating ceremony; interviewed all of David’s older, more prominent brothers before saying that none of them where chosen, “is there another?”.  Yes, there was, out in the dirt, with the smelly animals, tending the sheep.  David, as we know now, was chosen, anointed and eventually took the crown.

3. Mark. Mark, one of the apostles, seems like an unlikely candidate for being an underdog who achieved great victory.  However, he is in this list because number one he was young and number two his account of events and record of them made it into the gospels for goodness sake.  Many commentators think that Mark is the young man who lost his garments while high tailing it out of the garden of Gethsemane when Jesus was apprehended.  He looked like he was losing it – shirt and all.  But then, after this embarrassing episode, his writing of these accounts made it into the most published best seller of all time.

These are just a few examples of underdogs making big victories and they should serve as a sharp reminder to us that when we preserver, when we have faith in the One who brings the victory, we will come through with a trophy.  We will stand in the light and smile. We will make it through and enter into joy unexplainable. You wait, you watch, you’ll see.  Keep moving forward.