Canaan, Haiti –

Canaan-Group-WeddingIsn’t is such a wonderful thing serving a God who orchestrates all things to work together for His good plans? God always provides exactly what is needed.

A team from Calvary La Mirada was at the CTL Bible Training center recently, and it had been on their hearts to bring all the supplies necessary to hold a couple weddings in the local CTL churches. They had been told to prepare for 4 weddings, which required the collection of a wide variety of supplies…decorations, shoes, flower girl dresses, men’s suits, rings, reception supplies, donations for food, drinks, etc, and not to mention the most important part…the wedding dresses!

All the donations came together and nothing else was needed for the 4 weddings. The team had packed and brought over all that was donated, but upon arriving at the Bible Training Center it was found out that there were not 4, but 8 weddings to be held! Double everything!

But that wasn’t a surprise to God! It just “so happened” that Pastor Brian’s wife, Sophia, had given the Calvary La Mirada team a suitcase stuffed full of donated wedding dresses, and combined with the donated dresses from the church body there were enough dresses to go around. And miraculously all the women found a dress that fit!

The other donations were split up evenly, but still there were many things lacking. God had put it on the hearts of many from the church to donate monetarily, and so the team had brought over a sum of money to donate which ended up being just the right amount of money to purchase what was lacking. God provided exactly what was needed!

Marriages are a unique picture of Jesus’ relationship with us, His Church, and so it was God’s plan all along to provide what was needed for these Haitian couples so that they could not only proclaim their love for each other, but also to be a witness to those around them of God’s faithfulness and love towards us.

Glory be to God for His provision. It’s just one aspect of His great love for us. He truly is a God who provides.

Story by Spencer Pierschbacher of Calvary Chapel La Mirada