Haiti MinistryTo God be all the glory for blessing me to be a blessing. It indeed was His grace to be in Haiti and teach God’s word to future men of God. I believe they will be ‘agents of change’ in Haiti. Pastor Brian has great vision for Haiti. People are being transformed by God’s word. The students have such a  hunger for God’s word that it flowed out of me into their lives. Luke 4:18 says,”the Spirit of the Lord is upon me to preach the gospel to the poor…” We traveled through the ‘ Tent City’ on the gospel truck worshiping God and preaching the glorious gospel of the blessed God with the students. One young man prayed with Pastor Rajive to accept Christ into his heart. We felt God’s presence and I know He was with us. Lysson, one of the graduates, was sharing that in his village people are waiting for the word. Isaiah 42.4 says,” the isles shall wait for his law.” Jeremiah 31:10,…”declare it in the isles afar off…” That’s what we did and are doing in Haiti.