For Immediate Release

Held at the Mayor of Delmas House
Port au Prince, Haiti

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Pastor Brian McDaniel:   Wow. Wow.

GARY:  Pastor Brian, Pale [Speak] Creole!

PASTOR BRIAN MCDANIEL:  Oui [yes].  (Audience laughs.)

GARY: Pastor Brian, speak some creole you know!

PASTOR BRIAN MCDANIEL: Bondje beni ou [God bless you].  (Audience laughs and applauds.)

(Speech given by Pastor Brian McDaniel, translated into Haitian Creole by Pastor Gary.)


Well this is exciting to be here.

It is very exciting for us, um.

Um, because we, we know what the Word of God says.

The Word of God, tells us.

The Word of God explains to us the way,

the way of blessing.

Because see, you know, every good thing in life comes from God.

And we know where every bad thing comes from.

But every good and perfect gift comes down from God.

And God tells us in His Word that He wants to bless us.

And He said if you pray for the peace of Jerusalem I will bless you.

And it’s just amazing tonight we get to be here.

And experience God’s blessing.

You know, God loves you so much.

And when God came to this earth,

to rescue you and me from our sin,

He chose to come to the nation of Israel.

The God that made you.

The God that loves you.

And the God that died on the cross for your sins.

When he came to save us,

He chose to come to the land of Israel.

And when He died on the cross,

He chose to die on the cross in Jerusalem.

And that’s where He rose from the dead.

And so when God says pray for the peace of Jerusalem,

It’s because this is the place he came to earth.

And this is the place that he’s going to come back to.

And god is going to bless you.

I want to talk to you just briefly; first I am going to have my brother Chris read to you.

He is going to read from a passage of scripture.

This uhh, passage of scripture is from the book of Zechariah.

Uhh, chapter eight, verses one through three.

It says,  

Thus says the Lord of hosts:

‘I am zealous for Zion with great zeal;

With great fervor I am zealous for her.’

‘Thus says the Lord:

‘I will return to Zion,

And dwell in the midst of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem shall be called the City of Truth,

The Mountain of the Lord of hosts,

The Holy Mountain.’




You know God says he is going to come back and he will dwell in Jerusalem.

And the enemies of God know that.

The bible says in the book of Zechariah,

That Jerusalem will become a heavy stone for all people.

But God says that whoever would try to heave Jerusalem away,

Will be cut into pieces.

God said says pray for the peace of Jerusalem and I will prosper you.

And I believe now in a very special way that God is going to start to bless the nation of Haiti.

Because, uhh, in Israel, we, I come from America.

America they say is one the most blessed nations on earth.

The road systems are amazing.

The electrical system in America is amazing.

The businesses and the cars.

It’s one of the most blessed nations on earth.

I want to tell you tonight why America is blessed.

Because they are Israel’s number one ally.

And God said I will bless those who bless Israel.

In world war two there was an evil man in Germany and he was trying to kill all the Jews.

The United States led an invasion into Germany and rescued the Jewish people.

And a lot of Americans lost their lives.

But they did the right thing.

I am very proud for the United States for that.

And I am also very proud of the nation of Haiti.

Many of you might not know this.

After the United States went in and rescued the Jewish people.

Six million of them were killed.

They didn’t have a home, they didn’t have a place to live.

So they gathered all the nations in the United Nations.

And they were going to vote,

To give the Jewish people, give the land of Israel back to the Jewish people.

But they did not have enough votes.

And so they sent a delegation over to the nation of Haiti.

In 1947, on Thanksgiving evening,

The nation of Haiti sent word back to Israel.

That they were going to stand with the Jewish people and vote for them to go back to Israel.

Listen, Haiti sent the last vote.

The last vote!

Without Haiti’s vote,

The Jewish people would not have been back in the land.

(Audience erupts with applause)

GARY:  Halleluiah!


The Last vote!

Hey listen, let me tell you something.

The bible says God will never forget.

He will never forget what you did for His Children!

And the bible says in the last days God will poor out His Spirit on all flesh.

And right now I believe that God is going to start with the nation of Haiti.

You will receive blessings from God!

God remembers what you did for His children!

Hey, our Father in heaven,

He remembers what the nation of Haiti did for his children.

That’s the reason why we’re here tonight.

Because the bible says I will bless those who bless Israel.

So we want Haiti to continue to stand with God’s children.

And God is going to bless you.


I want to talk to you a little about this flag.   (Points toward the Israeli flag.)

This is the national flag to the nation of Israel.

Just as we love the flag of Haiti,

Because that flag represents the Haiti people.

And so this flag is the flag that represents the land, the nation of Israel.

Now it’s a unique flag,

Because it has a star right in the middle of it.

And you might be wondering what is that star in the middle of the flag?

Well that is the Star of David.

David is the one who wrote the book of psalms.

The bible says, “David was a man after Gods own heart”.

You see David, King David is very very special to the Jewish people.

They remember the story when Goliath came against little David and David slew him with a sling.

They also remember King David,

Because David wanted to build God a house, he wanted to build a temple for God.

And because David was involved in so many wars with the enemies of God,

God told David; “David you can’t build me a house”.

But David said,  “okay, I am going to gather all the materials together and I am going to organize everything and I am going to let my son build the temple”.

So God said to David,

you want to build me a house?

You love me that much?

You want to build this for me David?

Then God said to David, “You know what I am going to do for you David?

David, I am going to build you a house!

And the Messiah Jesus Christ is going to be one of your descendants.

And Jesus Christ is a direct descendant to King David.

David you want to build me a house?

I am going to build you an eternal house.

The Messiah.

Savior of the world.

Is going to come and is going to be one of your descendants.”

So the Jewish people love David.

And so that’s why they put the Star of David in the middle of their flag.

It represents Jesus Christ.

Now you see the star, it looks like a triangle.

It’s actually two, it’s actually two triangles,

That are put together.

The first one,

is pointing down.

And the second one is pointing up.

The one that is pointing down,

represents God.



And Holy Spirit.

And the one that is pointing up.

Represents man, who is created in the image of God.

The second one represents man.



And Spirit.

God; Father, Son, Holy Spirit.

And man; body, mind, and spirit.

One is pointing down; God reaching down to man.

And the other is man reaching up to God.

So when you look at that star.

You just remember that represents Jesus Christ.

Who died on the cross for you.

In Jerusalem.

And rose from the dead.

In Jerusalem.

And when He comes back to this earth.

He‘s coming back to Jerusalem.

And Haiti was a part of that.



GARY: Halleluiah


We love you so much.

Thank you.

Thank you for praying for God’s chosen people.

And thank you for praying for Jerusalem.

GARY: Thank you.

Right now Pastor Brian, we are going to pray for President Martelly.

Yes, let us pray.

Chris, come please and pray for the President.

We are going to pray for the President.

Take the microphone please.

We are going to pray for the President.

And we ask ______ Benson and_______ to come forward.

Let’s pray right now for the President, our President.


Heavenly Father,

We are gathered here in Your name.

And Your Word tells us,

To pray for those who are in authority.

We know, Lord, You are the one who places those in authority.

We thank you so much,

for President Martelly.

We thank you so much,

for putting him in charge of Haiti.

We thank you for the great job he is doing.

We thank for all the people he is helping.

And Lord I will ask you now,

in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,

That You would bless his children,

And You would bless his family,

And that You would bless his wife.

Lord I pray.

That You would bring people around him,

that would be wise people,

that would give him good council.



Lord I pray,

That you continue,

to use this man,

To restore,

And rebuild,

The great Nation,

of Haiti!


GARY:  Halleluiah!