Acts 2:25 For David says concerning Him: ‘I foresaw the LORD always before my face, For He is at my right hand, that I may not be shaken.’

Praise Report

Port au Prince – Haiti Bible Training Center

Personal Story from Pastor Brian: A few weeks ago there was a little boy that said his family needed help. I had walked by before and had seen the father beating the wife. I didn’t know at first that the boy belonged to this family. I had witnessed to the father previously after the beating incident. He had been humbled and received Christ. The little boy took me to his house to talk to his mom. She was sick.  She had been poisoned with sinai. She had gone to the witch doctor that morning. They said they needed money to cure her. I told her the witch doctor cannot help her. I told her the only one that can help you is Jesus Christ. She said she had to go ask her husband if she could accept Jesus Christ. After a long time and a long discussion with her husband she came back and said that yes she could receive Christ. While praying with the Mom, right after I said “Jesus rose from the dead”. She got totally full of conviction and was crying loudly. She was humbled and sincere. It was beautiful. The whole family has a fresh new start to a live a new life praise God.

Another of our students, Charles Watson had to leave the Training Center because his little two year old sister was in a coma and had been bleeding from her nose and mouth. He left at night to go pray and help and the very next day she was healed!

Pastor Brian is in the States for a week or two out of every month. If you would like him to come to your church to share about stepping out in faith, how to share your faith and some praise reports about what the Lord is doing in Haiti please contact us.