Psalm 122

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: May they prosper who love you. Peace be within your walls, prosperity within your palaces.

Praise Reports

New York, USA, November 29, 1947

Israel worked to the last minute to win UN recognition in 1947 when the United Nations, approved Resolution 181 for the creation of Israel, the Jewish State.

Realizing it lacked three votes, Israeli delegates focused on Haiti, Liberia and the Philippines.

Israeli representatives sent a Protestant minister, Sheldon, who favored a homeland for Jews, to Haiti to gain its support.On Wednesday before Thanksgiving they came back and said Haiti will vote for Israel.

Haiti was the last country to come to vote.

Port au Prince, Haiti, September 24, 2011

The Lord provided an opportunity for Pastor Brian to speak in front of the Haitian Government.

He explained that, they need God’s help to rebuild Haiti. And God said in his word that if they SUPPORT ISRAEL AS A NATION then God will bless them. When I finished telling them they kept clapping and clapping. Then they invited me to speak on the radio and TV to explain to Haiti why they need to support Israel. Lord thank You for the opportunity to stand up for the Jewish people. Lord we pray for the peace of Jerusalem, Lord we pray for her to prosper because we love her.

He also explained the past success of the U.S. has come directly from being an ally to Israel and (at least initially) basing our legal system on biblical principles. He exhorted them to support and stand by Israel.

Yesterday Pastor Brian was televised on why to support Israel. They gave him one hour. Everyone was excited and the exhortation was well received. The Lord did some amazing things right after. The Lady who owns the station is a Catholic.

Today we led her to the Lord. She was so excited, they asked us if I could bring the students on the station to do worship followed by a Gospel message. We will be going on soon.

Port au Prince, Haiti: Bible Training Center

Haiti Bible Training Center StudentsThe Harvest mission team headed by Larry Robillard have been at the Bible Training Center for the week. It has been such a huge blessing – like the bride of Christ has come in to help the man that was beaten in the good Samaritan parable. Christ through His bride has wrapped His loving arms around the team, staff and students of the Training Center and has impacted many that are at the church and in the tent cities.

Before that Cornerstone Calvary Chapel of New Jersey came out- it is truly amazing what the Lord is doing.

I would highly recommend this ministry to anyone who desires to have their life radically impacted for the Lord! Working with Brian McDaniel is one of the most exciting times I have had on a missions trip and I have gone to many places in the world. I pray that this ministry be blessed and reach many people in Haiti for Christ. Pastor Chris McCarrick

Prayer Requests
That the people of Haiti would continue to come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior and that the nation of Haiti and the US would support Israel.

The students are doing amazing. They each have different gifts. Pray that the Lord would place them in the Province where He wants them as this first year of students will be completing the Bible training program in March, 2012.

The container is expected to arrived next week. Please pray for a smooth transition from dock to unload site and for proper distribution.

The truck is due to leave Miami, Florida soon. Pray for smooth sailing.

Israel Mission Tour 2012

We are planning on taking a group to Israel in May of 2012. Our Israel Tours are a special blend of biblical touring and serving opportunity. This is a life changing trip. For more information see our website or call 888-412-7677.