Thank you, your Israel Trip Registration forms are complete!

Next Steps

1. Final Tour Payment

Pay your final amount owed to our travel agency. They will have sent you payment reminders in your email if there is still a balanced owed.

2. Get Travel Insurance

You can choose any travel insurance company, but we recommend Allianz for their coverage and price:

3. Packing

Packing List will be emailed to you.

4. Print Itinerary & Travel Sheet

The Itinerary and travel Sheet will be emailed to you for you to place in your carry-on for ground information.


We work hard to alleviate unexpected costs that often occur with tours. We incorporate as many ground fees, tips, entrance fees, taxes, and the like into the tour package. However, here is a breakdown of additional optional potential costs for your trip planning. Remember, spending your hard-earned money in Israel is one way to support Israel. What you buy is a vote for what you support.

Potential Costs;

Passport $120
Travel Insurance $140
Shopping, souvenirs, and gifts (Christmas shopping in Israel) $300
Lunch, drinks, snacks $320