Port au Prince, Haiti – July 2, 2021 – Haiti Presidential Assassination

God bless you guys. This is Pastor Brian from the Haiti Bible Training Center.

Many of you guys heard that not too long ago, the president of Haiti was assassinated. It was Headline News in the Caribbean.

But we got a praise report; about before he was assassinated.

We have this vehicle in Haiti. We call it the mobile evangelism unit. It’s a box truck that we cut the sides out of it and then installed an amazing sound system in it.

We just got the evangelism vehicle finished. We loaded up with about 10,000 of the Gospel of John’s and the Book of Romans. For one week straight, we went out into the highways and byways all over Haiti preaching the gospel.

In five days, we passed out 10,000 gospel of John’s preaching everywhere, pulling up to the gangs, pulling up to crowds. Just an amazing week.

At the end of the week, the last day we were coming back to the Bible Training Center it was kind of late.

We were getting back and our driver took a wrong turn. He went left. We were supposed to go right. We were in the back of the box truck. We really couldn’t communicate with the driver so we said, “ok”.

He’s driving up this road. About 5 minutes up this road that we thought was the wrong turn all of a sudden, everybody started yelling.

“President’s motorcade, President’s motorcade!”

When the motorcade comes by, all the vehicles on the road pull over. They have motorcycles out in front, armed guards, armed vehicles, lead cars and cars in the back.

They’re moving very quickly to get the President from one place to another. So everyone starts moving out of the way.

We hear the sirens blaring. I look back behind the the evangelism truck about four or five cars back. I see this guy in this car and he pulls right in the middle of the road and he just stops.

He’s staring directly at us in the evangelism vehicle. I looked at him and it just seemed a little odd looking at this guy.

What happened was he blocked the motorcade. The security guards got out and they had the guns on his car.

They were screaming and yelling at him and he wouldn’t move. He didn’t even acknowledge them. He just looked straight ahead at us. It was amazing because where he blocked the motorcade, it actually put the President of Haiti’s vehicle directly in front of the evangelism vehicle. when I realized what was going on, I said, “hurry, fire up the generator, come give me a translator!”

It was amazing. The President of Haiti was literally ten feet away from us. I preached a five minute message directly to him. It was awesome.

When I was finished, a security guard got out of the back of his car, walked around with a gun up to the side of the evangelism vehicle. We handed him a Bible. He took the Bible. He got back in the car. We saw him hand it over the seat to the president.

When all of that was done, the guy in the car moved out of the way and the motorcade went on its way.


It was about five days later that the news came that the President of Haiti was assassinated.

When I told one of the guys I was with if he heard the news and he said, “Yeah, I heard it. Hey,
he had five days to read his Bible!”

You know, God wishes none would perish and all would come to repentance. We thanked the Lord! How are they going to hear without a preacher? How are they’re going to preach unless they are sent. How beautiful are the feet of those who proclaim the good news of glad tidings?

So it’s actually a praise report. Amen.

We’ll find out when we get to heaven. The end of the story. I just want to give you guys a praise report.

We love you. Thanks for the prayers. Keep lifting us up as we go into the highways
and byways and preach the gospel.”