Dumay Church Gets Their Walls

Dumay, Haiti

Pastor Dovic has been holding bible studies for children and adults in Dumay, a suburb of Port au Prince, Haiti for over one year since he graduated from the Cross to Light Haiti Bible Training Center.

He initially decided to attend the bible program because he felt he had a calling on his life to become a Pastor.  An older, Pastoral friend encouraged him to complete the program who was ministering to the children of Dumay, a small historically voodoo village.

Before graduating, Dovic began helping his friend with this children’s ministry under some mango trees.  He would travel out to the village weekly, give a bible study to the children and help serve food and drinks.

After graduating, this small children’s ministry began to grow into a small church gathering that included adults as well as children.  The church services were held weekly under the mango trees that served as their church structure.  Palm branches were used as church benches.

After faithfully serving this small but growing congregation for more then a year, a mission team came out that felt led to support this church plant.  Through this initial team and subsequent teams Cross to Light was able to help facilitate the lease for the land under the mango trees and implement materials to build a church structure, benches and other church equipment.

As this Pastor continued to be faithful with what he had the Lord brought support to help this church grow.

After just two weeks of leasing the land the church roof and frame was built.  Today another team came in to put up the walls and bring in the benches.