Cross to Light was blessed to be visited by a business owner from orange county, Nick Rocco, last week. Nick likes to spend his vacation time coming out to the Bible Training Center in Haiti to teach for a week and bless the people of Haiti. He taught through the book of Acts. He is a School of Ministry graduate of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa and has served at that church as well as Harvest for many years.

He shared some teaching techniques that he thought was very effective. Teaching in a foreign country is different then teaching people of your own native language. He shared that he would have the students take turns reading through the text being taught. Periodically, he would stop and ask questions about a certain word or phrase to see if the students understood what had just been read. A discussion would be made until that portion was understood by all. Often, to really grasp the meaning behind the text Nick would refer to other portions of the bible such as text from the Old Testament to give a fuller background. One section in particular is in Acts Chapter 7 when Stephen gives a historical speech about Christ, making a historical survey through the Old Testament to fully explain Christ to the Jewish leaders. Nick took this opportunity to go through what Stephen was referring to and why.

The student text reading, discussion questions and biblical references and explanations proved to be a rich teaching and learning experience. This technique helped break down the culture barriers and shed light on what the bible was teaching.

haitian-creole-trackThe rest of Nick’s trip consisted of going out and distributing Haitian Creole tracks and sharing the gospel with thousands of people on the streets. He ended up passing out 9,000 tracks and shared with many more. Our outreach truck provided an effective and safe means by which he was able to share the gospel.

He came back saying that is was a great trip and he can’t wait to go back.

We are very thankful to this business owner of a glass and mirror company who decided to spend his vacation time teaching and serving others! This kind of selfless help from people and church teams all over the country is what allows us to run the Haiti Bible Training Center and plant churches in Haiti.

If you would like to find out more about the tracks that Nick brought in you can visit the tract ministry website you can do so by visiting the Fellowship Tract League.  Nick suggests that you can fit 9,000 into a carry-on.