Cap-Haitian, Haiti

Pastor Leonel Azilien

The church in Cap-Haitien, Pastored by Leo Azilien, has been teaching the Word of God multiple times a week since the summer of 2012. People come out regularly to worship and learn about their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This church is the only one we know of in Cap-Haitien that teaches directly from and through the bible. Cap-Haitien is the second largest city in Haiti.

Youth Ministry

Pastor Leo has a heart to reach the youth – the future of Haiti.  He is involved with a soccer outreach organization that coaches soccer teams and integrates bible teaching and youth outreach. Many of these youth get saved and involved in the church.  Some of the kids that join live in the streets.  They are welcomed in, given an activity and coaching that relieves them of street worries for a part of the week, fed, clothed and learn about God.  Many of these children are provided with resources they otherwise would not be able to get.

Adult Ministry

This church holds adult reading and writing evening class sessions to help the adults of the church be able to read the bible.

Haiti Praise Report June 2022

Port au Prince, Haiti - This Really Works! Evangelism, Discipleship, Church Planting God bless you guys. It's Pastor Brian from the Haiti Bible Training Center. Just want to give you guys a praise report. So thankful for your prayers. So thankful for the vision the Lord gave us. We're going stronger than ever. You know, our vision that God gave us was to identify young leaders, and bring them into the Haiti Bible training center, where they stay with [...]

Haiti Praise Report 2021

This is pastor Brian from the Haiti Bible Training Center bringing you the Haiti praise report 2021. I want to say God bless you! Thank you so much for every prayer you've offered up for us over the last year. It's been a challenging year in Haiti, as many of you might know. The whole nation of Haiti has been out of gas for about ten weeks. Rioting, kidnapping, all kinds of crazy stuff, but the bible says, "I'll [...]

Haiti Emergency Relief Update October 2021

Haiti Emergency Relief Update - October 2021 Thank you for your continued prayers for Haiti! The current condition; President Assassination - Interium President Residing Fuel Crisis - no gas available to the people. Just yesterday some fuel was made available for some critical businesses. 17 American's Held Hostage - Negotiations still haven't successfully released the 17 American's being held hostage by a gang. Praise Report A church is being built - the building team arrived safely. A church [...]

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