The Brazil mission trip was amazing!  We went out one day for evangelism and led 50 people to the Lord.  70 new people showed up to the next service.  One lady tried to commit suicide the week before.  Two ladies that were digging in the trash dump came to the Lord and brought their children to the next service.  The people were totally convicted of their sin. 

The Mall
The last day in Brazil the guide had our team stop at the mall to get a wedding gift.  We walked to the food court.  Brian saw a man playing the guitar and singing rock songs to the mall through the mall intercom system that had a large video screen audio.  Brian prayed with his son Christian for an opportunity to give the gospel on over the intercom/video system.  He went over and in between songs asked the man if he thought the people would want to hear about Jesus.  The man said the people were not open and would not want to hear about Jesus, that they only wanted to hear rock and roll. Brian asked , “What about you?  Do you love Jesus?” and the man answered, “Yes, I love Jesus!”.  Then Brian asked, “can you tell them, that Jesus loves them?” The man told the poeple that Jesus loves them.  Then Brian was filled with the Spirit and proceeded to tell the man what to say, moving through the whole gospel message, and the man translated every word over the intercom. At the end there was applause from the crowd. 

The tour guide, that had not allowed Brian to preach openly and had restricted any distribution of tracks came up and was amazed.