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Fundraiser of the Missionary Training Center Campus – Phase 1 in Progress

Haiti Missionary Training Center Project


The Missionary Training Center (MTC) is being built for the purpose of supporting the church plants in Haiti. Mission teams come in to stay for a week in order to minister and serve the church plants and body of Christ in Haiti through outreach events, food and clothing distribution, medical day clinics and various other supportive construction and events. The MTC is a safe base from which these teams operate from. It provides their lodging and food in order to sustain their efforts over the course of their mission trip.


Missionary Training Center Campus

  • Connector.

    Learning Center

    Is a Conference center location to conduct pastor conferences, women’s conferences, educational workshops and bible classes.

  • Connector.

    Team Accomodations

    Provides a safe base and accommodations for mission teams in order to conduct outreaches and support the church plants.

  • Connector.

    Medical Clinic

    Is planned to contain a medical clinic that provides free family practice medical help to the people in the tent cities at appointed times.

  • Connector.


    Is the sustainability test ground and modal for such as a chicken coup, tilapia tank, garden, fruit trees and solar panel energy system.

Phase 1

Housing & Kitchen

  • Team Accomodations
  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms, Showers

  • In Progress

Phase 2

Conference Center

  • Building
  • Workshop
  • Garage

  • Waiting to be unlocked.

Phase 3

Media, Medical

  • Medical Clinic
  • Media Room
  • Intern Room

  • Waiting to be unlocked.


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