I thank God that He had such a great plan and showed us as He intended it to be.

Our youth team and I had a privilege and grace to be chosen and to serve all people in Haiti and the States.

Pastor Brian and all local students at Cross to Light Ministry did a great job showing directions and guidance for what we were to do when we arrived in Haiti.

Our youth team were pretty much comfortable with the new environment and existing teams, being challenged with jobs and works we were anxious to do.

But it was God’s grace that worked out everything facing us.

Our young guys are saying that they were so much blessed and some of them would like to go back to meet those kids and serve them.

Some of them show changed life style and the others are willing to transform the way they used to live.

Senior Pastor and a whole congregation of our church greeted us with joy on the day we arrived back and really encouraged us with a wholehearted love and affection.

I pray that God would bless all involved with His work.

Sung Park, Associate Pastor
Southern California New Vision Church