Our hotel is within walking distance of the temple mount.  Today was a holy day for Muslims.  Israeli military expected at least 100,000 to show up on the temple mount for prayer.  Only 6,000 showed up.  There was some rioting at the Lion’s Gate and they were quickly detained.  Shortly after the prayer was over a bomb was heard close to the temple area.  Military helicopters circled over the tomb garden.  We were protected and shared the gospel with more then a few Arabs.

After Tel Aviv metropolitan area, capital under fire too: An air raid siren was sounded in Jerusalem and surrounding communities early Friday evening. After residents reported hearing blast sounds, security forces confirmed that one rocket had landed in the Gush Etzion area near a Palestinian village. There were no reports of injuries or damage.

This was the first air raid siren sounded in the area since the IDF launched Operation Pillar of Defense in the Gaza Strip. Air raid sirens were sounded in southern communities throughout the day and a barrage of missiles hit the area.