I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. Philippians 3:14

Recently we had a Cross to Light team member (Sally) go the extra mile.  We had an auto part request submitted a day before a team member was flying into Port au Prince.  Sally had this hard to find part located and purchased.  She had an important City Hall meeting the next evening near LAX airport so was planning on connecting with the team member flying out to Haiti.  While trying to make meeting arrangements for the hand off the other parties cell phone was not working.  It would work for a short time and then not work so connecting with each other was difficult.  A meeting location was finally set.  Sally arrived at the airport but could not find the person.  She had left her meeting thinking she would be able to return shortly.  She noticed the flight had been delayed that the other party was departing on so she was hopeful there was still a chance to connect and deliver the auto part.  She went to the airline desk asking for help to locate the other party.  She gave specific instructions on where to announce her location.  They made the announcement over the loud speaker only to leave out all the important connection information.  They then told her they are only allowed to make one single announcement when she requested a corrected announcement.  She continued to wait.  Her plan now was to miss out on her planned meeting and wait until the delayed flight left in hopes that the connection would still be made before it was to late.  While waiting she would periodically ask people if they were her contact.  Talking with the airline staff one of them said her name. Right afterwards a man came up and said, “Sally! I found you! It’s a miracle!”. 

The connection was made, the auto part was delivered and the flight was not missed.  Sally and the other party had earlier been given a back up plan in case the connection was not made.  They both had a choice to give up but did not.  Sally was determined to get the job done – no matter what.

When the Lord gives you a job to do – be inspired to get it done no matter what!