haiti ctl chuch mapCross to Light Haiti Operations and the Bible Training Center:

Through the operation of the Haiti Bible Training Center and extended campus our core function in Haiti is to bring in young men from different provinces of Haiti in order to build them up in the Word of God, taking them through the bible over the course of two years and sending them back out to plant churches in order to provide bible teaching discipleship and community relief throughout the entire country.

At the church community centers, in addition to the bible teaching and discipleship – we dig deep water wells, provide medical supplies and assistance and distribute relief aid – all free of cost to the Haitian people.

You can help church growth in Haiti!
Become a monthly partner – for any amount.  Your donation helps the students receive a full scholarship that pays for them to attend the Haiti Bible Training Center for the full two year teaching and discipleship program that equips them to become a bible teaching pastor with the intent to be sent out to plant a church and help bring hope and positive change to the nation of Haiti.