Mission Trip Ground Fee

The ground fee covers your airport pick-up and drop-off, breakfast, dinner and lodging.  The ground fee is non-refundable. It is a tax deductible donation. An annual statement will be provided to you for tax reporting purposes. If you cancel your trip the deposit amount will be applied to the Haiti ministry division of Cross to Light. All other expenses will be paid separately by you. We ask you to book your own flights and pay for all other potential costs separately.

We require the ground fee deposit for your trip to be received by our office no later than 15 days prior to your departure. You can mail a check or pay online:

Ground Fee


[symple_tab title=”by Check”] You can mail in a check for your ground fee:

Mailing address:
Cross to Light
PO Box 27361
Santa Ana, CA 92799

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[symple_tab title=”Online”]Pay your ground fee online and get your tax donation statement immediately.

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[symple_button color=”green” url=”https://secure.crosstolight.com/donate/” title=”donate” target=”blank”]Ground Fee Payment[/symple_button]
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For your mission trip planning here is a break down of primary and potential costs.

Primary Costs

Flight (Average Cost) 700
Ground fee for 1 Week Paid to Cross to Light: Accommodation/Meals/Transportation 350
Luggage fee for 2nd check-in suitcase 35
Sub-Total $1,085

Potential Costs;

Passport 97
Passport Photo 15
Immunizations/Anti-Malarial Medication 300
Travel Insurance 25
Extra cash for items such as potential overnights in Miami or New York, meals in airports, gifts, etc. 100
Supplies 100
Sub-Total $637


Next Steps

Book Flight

Book your flight and send itinerary to our office:

    *First Name

    Flight File Send

    -or- Paste Flight Info

    Collect Supplies

    Print Haiti Needs List


    See What to Pack for tips >

    Print Travel Sheet

    Print Travel Sheet – place in carry-on.  This has the Bible Training Center’s address on it for the customs form that you will be asked to fill out on the flight into Port au Prince, Haiti.