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Haiti Mission Trip Schedule Starter

Your team lead can help assess the talent, interest and resources of the team to help work out the itinerary. We encourage you to pray with your team about how you want to invest time, talent and resources.  Let us know and we will help draw up a schedule and determine best locations for each activity.

Activity Locations Supplies to Bring – Short List
Church Plant Visit Various Clothing, Shoes
Church Plant Conference Outreach Various Wedding Items
Church Plant Construction Project Various Nails, Screws, Drills
Campus Construction Project 2 Miles Nails, Screws, Drills
Pastoral Teaching at the Bible Training Center BTC Facility Male Hygiene Items
Church Service & Worship Assistance Various Guitar Strings, Picks, Sheet Music
Tent City Outreach Port au Prince Shoes, Clothing, Ibuprofen
Street Evangelism Various
Children’s Bible Study, VBS & Feeding Program Various Shoes, Gummy Vitamins
Campus Helps; Cooking, Gardening & Construction BTC & MTC Facility Large Black Garbage Bags
Hope Project & Jesus Film Outreach Various
Soccer Outreach Various Soccer Equipment
Orphanage Visit & Assistance 1, 2 Miles Children’s Shoes, Clothing, Animals
Prison Ministry Various Hygiene Items, Ibuprofen
Medical Day Clinic Outreach Various Medical List
Activity + Feeding Outreach (Lunch) Budget Planning
Beans & Rice (order of 3 buckets to feed 200)  $ 120
$40 per bucket. Each bucket can serve 60-75 people.
Beans and rice combo with red chicken sauce.
Rice & Chicken (order of 3 buckets to feed 200)  $ 180
$60 per bucket. Each bucket can serve 60-75 people.
Chicken and rice combo with red chicken sauce.
Transportation Budget Planning
Fuel Budget to Outreach Location $30-$40 per team
per location