Cross to Light has distributed more then 31,000 bibles and gospel of John’s this year.  The bibles we distribute are hand delivered to individuals that receive Christ after hearing the gospel.  Mission teams bring bibles in, donations are sent to the American Bible Society to fund our account at a bible warehouse in Port au Prince and we bring them in supply containers to be passed out by missionaries.  One such missionary, Steve Coon of Shepherd’s Voice, visits Cross to Light every quarter. His gift and talent is evangelism and getting bibles into the hands of people that receive the Lord.  Just this past week Steve went into the highways and byways of Port au Prince, sharing the gospel and passing out bibles to those who received the Word. He traveled all over Haiti,  into local markets, near prisons and even as far as Jacmel preaching the gospel and handing out bibles;

“On Tuesday we loaded up the truck with all the students from Cross to Light Haiti Bible Training Center and headed for Jacmel at 7am. The warfare started right away. We had to fix a broken muffler (1 hour) then fix a flat tire (45 minutes) before we were on our way again. We arrived and then went out into the markets and open areas to preach the gospel. Wilny, a graduate from the Haiti Bible Training Center, met up with us to translate and preach the gospel with us. We moved the truck around the city stopping where the LORD lead. We preached along the way to Jacmel and on the way back.   On Thursday we took the students to Croix-des-Bouquet open market to preach the gospel. We preached next to the prison and in front of a Catholic church. After receiving Jesus Christ into their lives as their LORD and savior, we gave out gospel of Johns to the new believers. On Friday we went to the mountains where Pastor Lisson is working and preached to all that we found. On Saturday we picked up a team from the airport and preached the gospel from the truck and 200 of the workers received the LORD! We then drove over to Croix-des-Bouquet and preached the gospel to the multitudes, and invited the new believers to receive a gospel of John. On Monday we went to Croix-des-Bouquet and preached to more multitudes and gave out gospel of Johns to those the believed the gospel. The LORD blessed the trip and my flight home on Tuesday. May God bless you with all spiritual blessing in heavenly places in Christ Jesus! Your brother in Christ, Steve Coon”