Bible Training Center

Bible Training Center

The Haiti Bible Training Center was established in March of 2011 and has a two fold purpose; to disciple young Haitian men through the bible and to facilitate mission teams to share the gospel throughout Haiti. It is the only bible training center of it’s kind in Haiti. Working side by side and hand in hand; US volunteers and Haitian’s deliver the gospel message together.

History of the Haiti Bible Training Center

On January 12, 2010 a catastrophic 7.0 earthquake rocked Port au Prince, Haiti, killing over 300,000 people. The devastation was tremendous. Brian McDaniel traveled into Port au Prince in November of 2010, almost a year after the earthquake, and witnessed a people and infrastructure that was still devastated and desperate for God’s help. Having traveled all over the world for many years preaching the gospel, Brian discerned the people’s eager acceptance of salvation through Jesus Christ. He had never seen people receive Christ in all of his world travels like this. He prayed to God to know what God wanted him to do. The Lord gave him a vision of the Bible Training Center; to bring the young men from the various provinces of Haiti in and disciple them through the Word of God in order to send them back out to disciple and plant churches.


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Emergency Response Haiti Prayer Request

Port au Prince, Haiti - This is Pastor Brian. I'm coming at you from Calvary Chapel Old Path here in Cyprus. I wanted to let you guys know what's going on on the island of Haiti. Many of you might have heard about what's going on in the news. Some news is covering it, some not. But it's a critical moment now in Haiti. Almost over a year ago, the president was assassinated. Since then, there's been no [...]

Earthquake Survivor

Port au Prince, Haiti This story WILL change your life. Watch and listen how God rescued Sophia McDaniel, pastor Brian McDaniel's wife. She is an earthquake survivor of one of the worst earthquakes in History. Tuesday, January 12, 2010, at 4:53 pm the island of Haiti was hit by a massive 7.0 earthquake. This earthquake killed over 316,000 people. 52 aftershocks occurred measuring 4.5 or greater. Building structures were not built to withstand earthquakes. The devastation was everywhere. [...]

Haiti Emergency Relief Praise Report July 2022

Cocoa Beach, Florida – Haiti Emergency Relief Imagine loading 28,800 of these in 2 hours... One 20-foot truck, 2-hour load time, 6 volunteers, 1 large water drill, 28,800 cases of bibles, and 280 buckets. This is what happens when four pastors think up something fun to do. God moved a mountain of bibles and a water drill for the people of Haiti this month. Another Cross to Light emergency relief container was filled with a water drill to help [...]


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