Cross to Light is pleased to announce our new project crowdfunding site, “Activate“.

This is where you can view the current committee and board approved projects and donate to help activate them. Once the entire budget for the project has been collected we are enabled to kick off the project.  Donations are automatically applied to the project fund so you can see your donation applied in real time on-line.

Once the project is completed we will post the results here at Cross to Light Activate.  Thank you for your support, suggestions and feedback for this new system. We are excited to bring our projects to a new level of visibility, integrity and accountability.  We will be sharing the lessons learned with you.

We ask that you would please hold these projects up in prayer.  Each project is aligned with our mission statement of “send the gospel forward”.  They each are vital in helping us accomplish this through discipleship, evangelism, bible teaching and church planting.

Thank you for your prayers,

The Cross to Light Team