(Picture: Beverley Jacobson, from another mission team, comforts a baby boy during a Cross to Light medical outreach.)

This September our trip to Haiti was amazing and everybody wants to go back! In spite of the heat and unfamiliarity of being in a foreign country, everybody was so blessed and the Holy Spirit was with us mightily.

My eleven year old daughter, Sarah, came with us on this trip and it impacted her greatly. I would like to share a couple of significant things that occurred on one of our days at the hospital. On this particular trip to the hospital, we were touched by the love of Jesus for these abandoned babies and others suffering greatly. When we entered into the hospital, there was blood all over the floor from a shooting that had occurred that night. There was a lot of people suffering and waiting for their treatment. There was an unmistakable smell of death. It was a very dark situation but Jesus brought His light and life into this dark and dead place.

We entered the courtyard into the area where the abandoned babies were and the kids immediately started picking up the babies and hugging them and playing with them. A nurse at the hospital, who had been an orphan herself, started to explain to my daughter and I that a mother in labor had come that morning and she immediately left the baby after he was born. I saw the sad look on my daughter’s face, as she was holding this tiny little boy in her arms. It was this moment that touched me to know that it wasn’t the things like smell or the blood on the floor that moved my daughter, but it was this little baby boy who was abandoned by his mother that touched her.

Leaving a little bit of love in the midst of a really bad situation was touching. The overwhelming need in Haiti cannot possibly be handled in one trip or two trips or even in a hundred trips but it’s just that one little act of love in Jesus name that changes things! Through every act of love that we did in Jesus name, it held back the darkness and lifted the burden. To see the faces of people in the hospital go from sadness and sorrow to a brightened countenance and a genuine smile was amazing.

All the kids that came on the trip are all so excited and they cannot wait to come back!

Pastor Bryan Jameson
Orange County Christian Fellowship