Thank you for your interest in serving Cross to Light! We greatly value your time and talent you wish to offer. There are several areas of council that you may best fit into that include;


Becoming a Committee member is a low risk, hands-on, talent related way to contribute to the ministry.  Most of the Committee meetings are held once a month or once a quarter.

  • MTC Committee; this committee focuses on how best to conduct projects. They help evaluate project priority, help plan how best to execute a project and follow-up with lessons learned in order to approach future projects better. This committee meets when the MTC project plan needs to be updated which occurs after a phase is complete.
  • BTC Committee; this committee focuses on how best to teach discipleship to affiliated pastors and students.  A key focus and goal is to better equip the church plant pastors in Haiti with the encouragement, skill and tools so that they can disciple their own church body and raise up leaders in their church body to disciple others and so on.  The goal for this discipleship training is to train 4 generations deep.  For example; we help train the pastors at each church plant, they disciple a small group within their church, each of those small group leaders then lead a small group themselves with the goal of each of those participants doing the same. With this goal in mind, a big immediate need for this committee is to determine the best curriculum and structure by which to use to accomplish these goals.  One proposal has been to implement The One Year Chronological Bible for the discipleship groups.  Each group would meet once a week to review the reading schedule for the past week and sharing time from each persons journal. This Committee meets once a quarter to follow-up on implementation and steps moving forward.
  • Stewardship Committee; this committee commits the most time.  They meet weekly to go over the nuts and bolts of items pertaining to adhering to approved budgets. This committee trouble shoots when there is a budget priority conflict, when there is as policy breech pertaining to budgets.  This committee is also responsible for overseeing the Board approved project budgets in how they are collected, implemented and follow-up.  This committee may be able to be phased out once the first three Committees become well established and grounded in their roles.

Board of Directors

  • Chairman; this position is for a 100% volunteer who has no personal benefit for serving the ministry.  This person must be a seasoned Spiritual leader who has both the Shepherding skills based on biblical principles and operational experience when it comes to operating a tax exempt 501c3 non-profit Christian organization vs. a church with a single congregation.
  • Board Members; these members are overseers of the ministry and are tasked with making sure the ministry stays to it’s core purpose. All Board Members are required to filter all decisions through the lens of if the item of discussion will strengthen the ministries core purpose or pull it away from it’s core purpose. Board Members must make decisions based upon this priority and must not be swayed by any personal bias, favoritism or friendship they may hold with any other Board Member, officer, employee, relative, donor or affiliate.  If it becomes apparent they are making decisions based upon their favoritism or affiliation with any of these they may be disqualified to be a board member of the ministry and removed as such.

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