Cross to Light’s primary function in Haiti is operating the Bible Training Center, facilitating outreach with mission teams and helping to support the bible teaching church plants.

Additional ministry opportunity naturally flows from these efforts such as medical day clinics, prison outreach, water well drilling and water system installation, soccer day camps, VBS, feeding outreach, clothing distribution and women and children ministry.

The team on the ground in Haiti that helps this aspect of the ministry consists of staff, short term interns and long term missionaries. These individuals serve God by dedicating their time and talents toward these efforts. They have answered the call, “Here I am Lord, send me!” The long term missionaries especially are amazing in what they do and each has their own unique set of talent God has given them that apply to different aspects of the ministry and help make the function of the ministry possible.  Cross to Light is the body of Christ working together and the long term missionaries are a core, vital element of this team work functioning and being effective. Enjoy their stories and pray about sponsoring a long term missionary – front line support for faithful, talented and effective servants of God.

Read the latest stories from Haiti team members:

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