Containers for Haiti

The container to complete the campus kitchen is underway at Calvary Chapel Cornerstone in Howell, New Jersey!

Items can be brought directly to Calvary Chapel Cornerstone, 6550 U.S. 9, Howell, NJ 07731, (732) 901-5525.
Drop-off times are Monday & Wednesday from 3pm-6pm.
Donations to purchase supplies can be mailed to Cross to Light, PO Box 27361, Santa Ana, CA 92799 or online through the donation system.

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Cross to Light is using this container as part of developing a Missionary Training Center campus that will  include a conference center, kitchen, bathrooms, housing and a medical clinic.  This campus will be used as a base in support of the church plants and used to accommodate Mission Teams, Pastors, Campus Staff and Interns.  It will serve as a base in which to serve the community and nation of Haiti with bible teaching, worship church services and fuel outreach opportunities such as medical, children, women and food ministries.  The containers that we bring in are currently being used to construct the Missionary Training Center campus and subsequent containers will be used to bring supplies to the church plant community centers throughout Haiti.

relief container[symple_column size=”one-half” position=”first” fade_in=”false”] To date: 5 containers delivered [symple_highlight color=”green”] Next container arrival:
2015 [/symple_highlight][/symple_column] [symple_column size=”one-half” position=”last” fade_in=”false”] [symple_skillbar title=”Containers for Campus” percentage=”80″ color=”#65C25C” show_percent=”true”] [symple_highlight color=”red”] MTC Goal: 7 containers to build campus and medical clinic[/symple_highlight][/symple_column]