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Cross to Light operates in two areas of the world that are high risk; Haiti and Israel. These environments are volatile at times and periodically lends to emergencies that arise with those under our care; pastors, staff and volunteers.

Your emergency response donation is set aside to provide for extreme emergency situations such as violence, social unrest, illness, medical help, evacuations and natural disasters.

Thank you for aiding with this important aspect of operation. It literally makes the difference between life and death.

Bulk food items to bring to emergency response containers.

Cross to Light is provides biblical council and relief aid to emergency situations. If you would like to become a part of a team that is mobile ready to help provide this type of assistance please contact us to sign up for more information.

Our emergency response focuses on providing the following;

  1. Prayer Support
  2. Food Distribution
  3. Clothing Distribution
  4. Shelter Assistance
  5. Medical Help
  6. Church Resource Network

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*What is your home church?

*How did you hear about Cross to Light?

Which emergency area are you interested in helping?

Do you have special skills or supplies you can offer?